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Grant Guide: June 2022

Finding the right grant for your project has to be one of the hardest things to do.

It's either your concept is under developed, and in some cases, in a later stage than the grant requires. Either way, here is your guide for opportunities that mature soon;

Cultural Protection Fund (British Council)

Closes: 30 June 2022

About the Fund: The fund aims to help to create sustainable opportunities for economic and social development through building capacity to foster, safeguard and promote cultural heritage. Grants of £ 100,000 - £ 2 million available.

Eligibility: Applicants working within Middle East, North Africa, East Africa and South Asia

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IndianOceanic Mobility Fund (Institut Francais)

Closes: 31 December 2022

About the Fund: The Indianoceanic Mobility Fund is open to cultural professionals or artists residing in one of the French overseas departments in the Indian Ocean, in a member country of the Indian Ocean Commission ( the Union of the Comoros; France under Reunion; Madagascar; Mauritius; the Seychelles), and, in Mozambique, Kenya or Tanzania.

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Access Culture (Institut Francais)

Closes: 30 June 2022

About the Fund: Eligible projects must be cultural cooperation projects offering activities aimed at the public in a dynamic of cultural mediation (awareness and artistic education; initiation to artistic practice; setting up artistic encounters, etc.).

The projects must have a duration of one year and be part of an objective of strengthening social ties, in Africa, by proposing a cultural offer for the audiences who are furthest away from it, for social, economic, cultural reasons. , geographic, gender or disability.

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Resource of Open Minds (Hivos)

Closes: 03 July 2022

About the Fund: A limited number of creative and cultural content production grants of up to Euro 15,000 each, for artists in Uganda and Tanzania working in the production of audio-visual content that sheds light on socio-political issues often ignored by society.

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