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Just Beet It

Way back when I was so desperate to lose weight and had little to no knowledge about food, I used to make Beetroot and pineapple smoothies for weeks on end. To this day, I can still smell the sickly sweet earthy combo, with a kick of ginger, that I forced down my throat almost daily, yuck!

More recently, I decided to give this sturdy and nurturing girl another chance. I’m looking to significantly cut down on my meat intake, and she is definitely who she thinks she is because of all the nutrients she has to offer.

Notably, she is a good source of folate and nitrates; which are great for lowering blood pressure and enhancing overall performance of heart function if consumed regularly. More so, Beets are a good source of fiber (read, no stomach issues when she’s in town, moderately).

Texture profile: Fleshy and crunchy if eaten raw/ slightly baked; and, almost mushy when boiled

Taste profile: Earthy and sweet with mild floral notes.

While Beets can be used in juices, soups, as a starter, or even added to spread, I prefer having mine in a salad. I find that roasting on low heat draws out the sweetness in this root vegetable and when combined with mango, your favorite green bed (mine is lettuce) and feta cheese; all topped off with a pinch of salt,  freshly ground black pepper and balsamic vinegar, I can’t help but keep some aside for the next day.

Try it out next time you’re looking to show some love to your gut and let me know!


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Olga Kiconco
Olga Kiconco
Aug 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The Mango, Pineapple, Beetroot and Ginger combo makes me nostalgic about weekend visits to one of my best friends' homes. Thank you for reminding about those joyful moments 😊

Afro  Toned
Afro Toned
Aug 25, 2023
Replying to

I love that this brings such a warm memory. Food does that ♥️

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