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Pineapple has got to be one of the most elite fruits on this earth. 


Not only is it filled with vitamins which are useful for promotion of a healthy eyesight and enhancement of blood circulation, it also has star qualities that help in digestion. 


This fruit quickly became a staple in my diet when I read about how well it harbors bromelain enzymes; which are beneficial for respiratory health and aid in the breaking down of animal protein in the gut. 


Taste profile: juicy, sweet, and, can be woody and tart depending on your selection 


Texture: fleshy and fibrous 


Choosing a delicious pineapple can be slightly difficult, but with practice, you will be quick to pick out the best one for you. 


Fun Fact: Pineapples ripen from the base to the top. Often you will find that where the head sits is the most bitter part. So always look out for those that are as orange as a fiery sunset, especially if you’re looking to consume immediately. Be careful to look out for bruising (brown spots that are tender to touch) as those are on the fermenting side of the ripe spectrum. 


Should you find yourself with one that has more green, you can accelerate the ripening process by turning it on its head, that way, all the sweetness flows to the top. 


While we are all well accustomed to eating the sweet juicy flesh, don’t be so quick to discard the peels and core; the hard stalk in the middle of the pineapple. 


Make a delicate and forgiving tea by boiling the washed peels and core with dried cinnamon sticks, add a few cloves, lemongrass and some dried hibiscus leaves, then sweeten to taste. 

Make an iced version of this the next time you’re hosting and watch your guests swoon. 


Pineapple can also be used in other beverages (wine, juice, smoothies),  pastries (the pineapple upside down cake), on pizza (I still don’t understand the Hawaiian), on burgers (Hawaiian beef/ chicken burger), in salsa, in a stirfry, and a myriad of other ways. 


Next time you’re stuck for a meal option, try incorporating this and have fun! 

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